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Theme: Slips trips & falls

Poster Text

Think about this for a minute. A third of all major injuries in the workplace, such as broken bones, serious burns and loss of consciousness are caused by someone slipping or tripping…

So that means a third of all accidents could be avoided if we worked a bit tidier! Good housekeeping is the first law of accident prevention and is one of the cornerstones of safety where you can make a difference. Many accidents are the result of people tripping, slipping and falling over materials or equipment that should not have been left lying around. People rarely slip on clean, dry, uncluttered floors…

Take time to understand the safety aspects of your job and surroundings and ensure you know what is expected of you and your colleagues. Follow the rules and procedures, be proud of your workplace as it reflects on you; keep it clean, tidy and safe and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Be vigilant and aware of the cause of your hazards in your own and surrounding areas. Play your part to help create a safe and healthy working environment.

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Slips trips and falls safety poster