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Theme: Stick to the rules

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It’s a fact that almost a quarter of all injuries at work are caused by accidents that happen during a manual handling task, most of these are to hands, feet, legs and back – Unfortunately some back injuries result in permanent disability. Likewise, there are five thousand plus, transportation related accidents reported every year. Tragically about seventy of these result in fatality…

The best way to ensure that you don’t become an accident statistic is to make sure you have the correct training or knowledge for whatever it is you are doing. Procedures, instructions, training and supervision are there to encourage you to work safely and responsibly, take notice of them/ Taking short-cuts can be tempting but could have disastrous consequences. Be aware that the implications of not following the correct procedures could result in an injury or possibly the death of yourself or a colleague…

Take time to fully familiarise yourself with the safety aspects of the job you are doing and question any areas that are not completely clear. Follow the rules and be vigilant for potential hazards and always take time to think the job through with attention to any problems which could lay ahead. Get involved – Identify impractical safety rules and procedures and do your bit to improve them if necessary. Make safety your working priority, keeping yourself and others safe is absolutely paramount!

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Stick to the rules safety poster