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Sadly its a fact that over two million people in the UK believe they are suffering from an illness or injury that was caused or made worse by their current or past work…

It’s also a fact that the majority of work related injuries and illnesses are preventable and many only occur because people at work do not pay enough attention to their own health and safety. You can do a great deal to protect yourself simply by wearing the correct clothing and using the protective equipment appropriate to your job. Take time to ensure you know what PPE you should be wearing relevant to the job you’re doing and the area you’re working in…

Your employer is obliged by law to provide to you, without charge, any items which have been identified as necessary to protect your health & safety. You are required by law to co-operate and wear such clothing and equipment where the circumstances demand it. You must store it in an appropriate place and report any defects. Misuse or abuse of equipment provided for safety can be a sacking offence! PPE is your last line of defence against injury, make sure you wear it!

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PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) safety poster